Rebecca Bonnici

Our Awesome Shop Manager

Rebecca completed her tattoo course at Positive Vibrations Tattoo Studio and had the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with Jean Paul Attard which lead her to being a resident tattoo artist at the same shop.


Rebecca’s studies in Art go back to Secondary school, then she also studied art in High school for two years. Art to Rebecca means a way to express her energy and a way to let her true colours out. When she finished high school, Rebecca focused her studies in Nursing and it was a huge turning point in her life because it was at that moment that she realised that tattooing was her life long dream and what she had to pursue. She made the drastic decision half way through the course to get into contact with Jean Paul, in order to take the single most important step – starting a tattoo course which would bring out herself and take her art to new levels.


She enjoys different types of tattoo art but by far, her favourite styles are Blackwork and Traditional.


Rebecca is a results orientated person, always striding to improve and loves to focus on the good side of life. She prefers a relaxing night with good food and cocktails over partying anyday.

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