Body Piercings

Now offered at Positive Vibrations

At Positive Vibrations Tattoo Studio we not only create stunning tattoos but also offer body piercings. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, and we take immense pride in creating an experience that is both hygienic and comfortable for each and every client. In our quest for excellence, we exclusively pierce with sterile needles and adorn you with sterile titanium jewellery. Not only does our jewellery meet the highest safety standards, but it also boasts remarkable durability and hypoallergenic properties, ensuring your peace of mind. Starting from an affordable €35, our standard jewelry options are perfect for those seeking a touch of elegance, while our dermal piercings are available at €50 for those craving something extraordinary.


Rest assured, whether it’s your first piercing or a valuable addition to your collection, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and materials that perfectly complement your unique style.

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