I remember drawing since forever, it was never a coincidence. It all started with the famous Maltese tradition called ‘’ Quccijja ‘’. Basically, this tradition states that the 1 year old toddler will define his future career depending on what objects are picked up first from a selection of 20 randomly placed on the floor. First thing I picked up was a ‘paint brush’.


So I pursued my studies in Art and furthered my skills especially when it comes to drawing. Back in 2015, I got my Degree in Fine Arts at the institute of MCAST Art & Design but was still unsure of what my career will lead me to. That is when tattooing came to mind and it was a very good opportunity for me to execute and take the risk. The Tattooing industry is not visualized as a ‘Taboo’ anymore therefore I continued to persuade myself that this might be the chance to ascend and take my potential to a new level and wanted to bring something different.


So I started doing some research about Tattoo Artists in Malta and also, who offers the best tattoo courses on the Island. After having meetings and trials with a variety of tattoo shops, this is where I met Jean Paul. Jean Paul at Positive Vibrations gave me full confidence and the motivation to take my next step and strengthen my visual expectations not just in the tattoo industry but also in life. So I started like everybody else, but what I loved more than anything about it, it was leaving something ‘’alive’’ a trace, a ‘’living art’’ permanently on someone. Having also a personal experience with my clients and to see them grateful for it. It is like having a living exhibition exposing your work wherever they go.


Regarding my style, I like to focus my work mainly on portraiture and that is the main reason why working on realism, not limiting myself by trying to be as versatile as possible to make everyone happy and share their ideas. As for the themes, there is a long list but if I had to simplify it, watching movies, football and music usually is what inspires me most. Apart from tattooing I also have a broad experience of working pencil portraits and do commissioned works for clients, be it a birthday gift, anniversary, wedding and all sorts. So yes, trying to give people the chance to express their ideas and to adapt both on paper and skin, is my goal.