Jean Paul Attard

Owner & Boss

Jean Paul Attard is the owner/artistic director of positive vibrations tattoo studio, building his brand around a can do attitude, compelling art and outstanding service.


Jean Paul is a people person at heart a fond communicator and has a deep interest in self developement, tattoo art and good books which he believes are a good enough tool to build a meaningful life. He started his tattoo journey 20 years ago and had to go in the U.K. to start the journey as he had found no help in Malta at the time. But an unwavering commitment and a crystal clear vision of the future finally paid off. Now Jean Paul is the owner of the most exciting tattoo shop on the Island.


Being a master in tattooing techniques Jean Paul provides intense tattoo courses with unprecedented value, he build these courses out of the memory of frustration of all the secrecy in the industry when he first started off, willing to provide all his students with all the knowledge he holds to date because in his mind competition is a misconception.


His mastery shows up in his custom tattoos and his brand which he is very proud of. Jean Paul can handle any style in tattooing with confidence but prefers blackwork and Japanese blackwork. However his portrait tattoos are hyper realistic and is very known for cover ups too. He commits to deliver outstanding tattoo art, life changing tattoo courses and an overall good vibe to all his clients/friends visiting his tattoo shop. Feel free to contact Jean Paul by email although he is more active on his facebook page.

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