Hi, my name is Glenn Cauchi also I am very well known as C0ok3r which at the age of 13 this use to be a nickname back in the secondary school. Use to hate it a lot but due to that reason all them kids use to love picking on people so it stayed with me till this day, funny got use to it and now I am using it as my artistic name. Always was into art from a younger age and pencil was my main media, as time passed I took private lessons at society of art but stopped once I hit the age 10 due to I was getting tired going to Valletta every time but I knew I could select art as my main subject at the secondary school. In the society of art where I practice with brush and acrylic painting… use to love doing animal portraits and landscapes I stay at those private lessons for 2 years. After those years I went to this secondary school , which I wasn’t really much good at the school on most subject except art. The subject Art was more than just a hobby for me it became a life time thing, where I use to see certain figures like example dragon ball, Pokemon and many more cartoon characters, where i use to wake up at 5 am doing them drawings.


At the age of 15 I was introduced to mcast and was selecting which course to attend to and (foundation course) was it at art and design , I meet new faces, friends what so ever and was hoping to get more into art myself.. but unfortunately that school was not good for me. Spent like 1 year and several months but dropped everything for a job full time, even stopped on painting / drawing. So kept my part time and full time job and even if I wasn’t comfortable I was getting paid, which that was good at that time but at the end as time go by I got tired of that full time which I quit after 7 months .. I only stood with this part time job and I was hoping from one job to an other, didn’t quite fit in any jobs where I kinda gave up looking for full time jobs. Anyway I was still that dude with certain part time not full time, and at the age 19 in the begin of that year on 3rd January 2010 had this experience where I was going to lose my life in this car accident. I manage to wake up at hospital out of this coma for two weeks… due to my head injury had my skull fracture and I blamed my parents and brother reason for me to find myself at hospital, wanted to get out as fast as possible from that horrible place. It didn’t pass many days when I got to know what really happened cause one of my friend said something by mistake while visiting me, which really broke me down. Got recovered I was drawing Pokemon characters at hospital to kill the time there .. and true I lost that memory of that accident but at least I didn’t lose the thing I enjoy doing the most which was drawing. After 6 months I receive my discharge letter from hospital but still took some physiotherapy sessions as still my left arm and leg need more practice and exercise, which took me 1 year. So I said I must start over took this printing course back at art and design as I heard it’ll give me an apprentice ship in a printing company, the course last for 2 years and then full time. Passed the course took good results and started working as a machine operator mean while I got to meet certain people and they told me to contact twitch a graffiti artist for me to start spray painting. It was 3 years after my accident where I got involved into this graffiti and mural thing and it made me realize and focus more on stuff I seek to achieve, and I remember how addictive this graffiti thing was at first, despite how people dislike and claim graffiti to be vandal it was a good path for me. I was getting all these people to paint their kids room / offices / gyms and a lot more, these commission works made me want more and more. So from graffiti artist to tattoo artist also when I heard about Positive Vibrations was giving out courses , I decide to go for the course in the late of 2017. The course last for 3 months and after some months i was requested by Jean Paul Attard the owner of Positive Vibrations to be as one of the team .. Signed a contract and started my journey to become a tattoo artist at Positive Vibrations last February of 2019, as my new career. Both ways, graffiti and tattooing for me they are related to art, and always seeking to give myself a try to any kind of different media to draw / paint etc as you can never know what will happen until you try it out. And in this tattoo thing I really am into them colorful tattoos as I like colors very much in any art and awesome character I choose to push new school as my style for tattooing and as my main thing to do, you can see through certain images. And these characters are all costume made designed for each and every one of you.


So well how i see how life works, it’s all about to seek your purpose and Art in my case is my purpose to get out of all the stuff, problems you face. I always hustle to be better, as i believe there is never enough for art and that there is always something to improve!!!