Tattoo Courses

by Jean Paul Attard

The best tattoo courses on the Island, Basic (3months), intermediate (5months) and Advanced (12months) 6 months of which will be licensed and tattooing on people, we are the first to offer this option. Learn this wonderful Craft from a proven mentor, with a strong tattoo portfolio and a well known brand… Only serious students with an art portfolio will be given an appointment for a consultation and ONLY then you may have the full information which is substantial. We have provided over 65 tattoo certifications so far and counting and we always have a 8-12 months waiting list for many reasons, one of them is we are always on the lookout for new talent to join our team, but that is not promised by default, only for the most driven and dedicated individuals. We have many success stories to share. If this really is your aspiration don’t hesitate to book your consultation appointment and prepare an organised portfolio to present.


You will be mentored by the owner if this brand Jean-Paul Attard, a very successful tattoo artist and entrepreneur. In fact Jean-Paul will be happy to teach you both all the tattooing techniques you will ever need plus a lot about the reality of the industry, what the market requires from you to succeed, basically we will be teaching you tattooing as an art and as a business. Don’t worry about the waiting list, while you wait to start your course, we will be meeting you before on a regular basis to prepare well artistically, because first and foremost we need to make sure your artistic skills are up to standard. So while you wait we will prepare you well to face the real world not just rush you to a certificate and leave you feeling lost about what to do next, this is certainly not a craft that you can learn in a few weeks as complex and exciting as it is, our courses are long and the brightest most driven students are usually offered a longer apprenticeship with the possibility to join our team. If this looks like what you were looking for email us on for a consultation, life is short!!

– getting it done –